Shelters Suitable For Alpacas

What you need to know about keeping Alpacas.

Yes, you can accuse alpacas of not coming in out of the rain sometimes, but that doesn’t mean providing shelter is optional. Think summer alpaca shelter and winter alpaca shelter in each pasture. What is an Alpaca shelter? An alpaca shelter is a roof and enough walls to break the wind, keep the sun, rain, and snow out. It has a floor that will stay dry with a surface that is also suitable for cushing. Keeping this in mind, coarse gravel is not recommended, nor is a concrete slab. Horse stall mats (3/4″ recycled rubber) however are great. Packed dirt also works fine, so long as it is reliably dry. Make sure that there’s enough room for the number of animals that will have to share the shelter. Alpacas don’t tend to line up nice and parallel in nature, they congregate in a bunch. It is important to make sure that all of your animals can stay cool in hot weather and keep dry in the wet. Good air circulation is key. It is also important to make sure that very young animals are able to stay warm in cold weather, although coats are useful for additional warmth.

Alpacas much prefer open pastures to a shelter but easily take to stables, barns, and enclosed areas in the worst of harsh weather. They are content with simple alpaca shelters in the cold winter months and appreciate good ventilation, shade, and fans in hot weather. Alpacas are “earth-friendly” and cause minimal stress on their pastures. They have padded feet and graze in an efficient and non-destructive manner.

As well as horses and ponies, our mobile field shelters are perfectly suitable environments for alpacas and llamas. The height of the shelters make them perfect for taller alpacas and you are able to help separate the animals for tasks such as injections or sheering with a shelter gate. It is commonly believed that alpacas do not like field shelters, but that is not true, in fact, they really appreciate them when looking for respite from the rain and the wind. For alpacas and llamas, we recommend shelter dimensions of 7.2m x 3.6m or 10.9m x 3.6m as the larger shelter dimensions allow two entrance/exit points for the animals to move freely in and out. Alpacas will use a shelter especially if lots of light has been provided, an example is provided in the image above. This was designed, manufactured and installed by Hunter Stables.

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