Planning Permission for Stables

Are you thinking of purchasing a stable, shelter or haybarn?  Are you looking to buy a horse or maybe you already own one, then it will need housing in a stable or shelter and you may need planning permission.

Planning permission

It is your responsibility to contact your local planning authority. Seeking planning permission is your responsibility and it must be granted before any work begins. Otherwise, you could be subject to significant fines and be forced to have your building removed.

In Conclusion: Discuss your plans with your local planning authority as early as possible.

Remember to always plan well in advance as the planning process may take longer than you think. In fact, the statutory guideline for an application is 8 weeks (13 weeks for any major permitted developments).

Speak to any neighbours who may be affected as early as possible. This will give you have time to work through any objections and accommodate their concerns in your final applications.

Be flexible with your design and location as this could make the difference between having an application accepted or refused. Consider using experienced architects and planning consultants, it will make the whole process so much easier.

Apply for Planning Permission: Find out if you need planning permission If you are unable to get planning or need urgent shelter why not consider mobile field shelters? These do not require any planning permission and easy to install.

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