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How To Build a Topline

How To Build a Topline: To bring out the best in your horse, both performance-wise and when it comes to physical health, a strong topline is important. A horse with a well built topline will move and jump to the best of his ability, and be less susceptible to...

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Individual vs Group Turnout

Group Turnout vs Individual Turnout Individual vs group turnout in horses. Horses are herd animals, and while we know that as much turnout as possible should be encouraged, many owners are now opting to turn their horses out individually. There’s a number of reasons...

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Competing in the Heat

What You Need To Know About Competing In The Heat: While summer is one of the best times to get out competing, the weather can make it a lot more difficult than it should be. No, we’re not talking about rain, we’re talking about heat! With temperatures of up to 38...

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The Best Homemade Fly Remedies

Home Made Fly Remedies If you’re fed up of standard shop-bought fly sprays keeping flies off for approximately 6 minutes, or you simply can’t face the high price tags any longer, it might be time to start experimenting with your own homemade fly sprays and remedies. ...

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Keeping Your Horses Safe in the Heat

How To Keep Your Horse Safe In The Heat With the UK temperature hotting up, horse owners need to be vigilant and prepared when it comes to keeping their horse happy, comfortable and safe. While horses are generally very efficient when it comes to regulating their...

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Struggling with Sweet Itch

Struggling with Sweet Itch? Here’s What to Do. While summer weather brings with it long beach rides, evening hacks through the woods and happy rug-free horses, it also brings sweet itch - every horse owner’s worst nightmare. Sweet itch is not only seriously irritating...

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