Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels by Hunter Stables.  We specialise in large kennels for a start-up business or expanding your already established business.

When starting up a business any potential customer wants to feel at ease when leaving their dog in your care.

Before any dog owner will leave their precious dog with you they will come and inspect your premises and want to know where their dogs will be staying, and one of the most important things will be their living conditions.

Dogs will tend to spend a lot of their time outside and to help them to stay sheltered from the elements you should buy them a suitable dog kennel.  As there are various dog kennels that are on the market you need to do a little homework before you opt for a particular kennel.

Here at Hunter Stables, you can purchase a dog kennel bespoke to you.  We make to order and are waiting to help you choose and design dog kennels that are suitable to your needs.

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