Double Mobile Field Shelter

£3,600.00 Inc Vat

Double Mobile Field Shelter

Double mobile field shelter which has an external measurement of 12×24. This shelter is suitable to house one or two horses.  You can add extras to this shelter to enclose your horse, pony or other animals.


You might want to skids to your shelter to make it mobile if you don’t have planning permission.

Optional extras that might want to add to your shelter:-

  • Skylights
  • Timber or galvanised skids
  • Gate
  • Kickboards in OSB or Ply.

You can also add a full-height partition or half-height whichever your preference. This could be of an advantage if you want to separate your horses.

By adding OSB or ply this will give even more durability to the shelter which may be beneficial if you are exposed to strong winds.

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