Image shows 8×6 model

Shiplap Apex Shed


The Shiplap Apex wooden shed is one of Hunter Sheds more prominent and popular products. Its classic design makes it one of the most popular garden buildings in the UK.


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4'x4' (1150×1150), 5'x4' (1450×1150), 6'x4' (1750×1150), 6'x6' (1750×1750), 7'x5' (2050×1450), 8'x6' (2350×1750), 9'x6' (2650X1750), 8'x8' (2350×2350), 10'x6' (2950×1750), 10'x7' (2950×2050), 10'x8' (2950×2350), 12'x6' (3550×1750), 12'x8' (3550×2350)

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