Solar Hub 64

£240.00 Inc Vat

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Solar Hub 64:

The best choice for a single 64sqm room or multiple rooms. The lithium battery pack in SolarHub 64 is 5 times more powerful than the SolarHub 16 and this enables it to power higher energy devices such as 12v TVs, laptops and computers etc.

This unit will deliver up to 6 hours of lighting each night and in addition has 2 USB power outputs for charging smart phones, mobiles phones, iPads etc. It also has a 12v auto socket for running heavier duty appliances such as fans.

This solar unit pack is a great solution for the equine world where mains power can be limited. Mucking out in the dark could be a thing of the past with a solar unit to provide you with the lighting you need where mains power is not an option.

This unit can also be used in your horse lorry when away competing. You can again use it run a 12v TV, charge your phones and laptops and use it as a additional power/light source.

It is very easy to put together with no complex wiring systems.

This unit comes with:

10wp solar panel with 2.5m of cable from panel to hub.
Solar panel brackets and fixings
SolarHub 10,000 mAH/12v lithium battery pack with 2 12v lighting jack
4x 300 lumen LED strips or bulbs
1x 5m cable from hub to strip
3×2.5m cables to interconnect each strip together
Cable fittings
User manual