Stables Shelter and Tack Room



Combination Mobile Field Shelters and stables with tackrooms are  becoming more and more popular  and are available in all our ranges.
Available sizes vary across the ranges, but a typical configuration is a 5.4m stable and a 1.8m tack room (with floor) in a 7.2m mobile field shelter. The Stable has a 1.88m opening (wooden gate shown not included) and kickboarded as per the range specification. The Tack Room has a 0.9m wide x 2.0m high door with three 16inch T hinges and 6inch brenton bolt, and a cabin hook is supplied to secure the door when open. The floor fitted in the Tack Room is on 100x47mm treated joists with 150x28mm treated floor boards. The Tack Room is fully lined (except Hawk range) to eaves height (2.2m) with the same lining as the kickboarding within the specific range, and the truss also boarded between Tack Room and Stable.


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