The Procas | 44mm Log Cabin

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The Procas, made with Heavy Duty 44mm Tongue and Groove logs, is a Cabin built for every purpose.

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The Procas, made with Heavy Duty 44mm Tongue and Groove logs, is a Cabin built for every purpose. It can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike and makes a perfect addition to your home and garden. The log thickness means that heat is retained exceptionally well in winter, while the full length glazed windows and doors allow for the cabin to be fully lit up during those warm summer nights.

Unlike many budget competitor products, Procas Log Cabins are built with only the highest quality materials and many log cabins in the market simply cannot compare!

PROCAS LOG CABINS feature high-grade 44mm interlocking planned and finished logs – beware of log cabins that feature rough edged boards machined from poor quality timber.
PROCAS LOG CABINS feature a specially designed 4-way chamfered notch-joint system ensuring a tight fit to all boards with little room for damp or wind penetration – beware of log cabins that feature square cut logs with square notch-joint, often leaving a sloppy joint with large visible gaps.
PROCAS LOG CABINS feature factory fitted pressure treated weatherproof heavy duty floor joists – beware of log cabins with untreated floor joists which offer no protection against damp penetration at floor level or worse still cabins that come with no floor joists at all.
PROCAS LOG CABINS feature heavy duty green mineral roofing felt as standard, with the easy option to upgrade to premium quality roof shingles – beware of log cabins that come with no roof covering, leaving the log cabin completely open to the elements.
PROCAS LOG CABINS feature oversized extra large doors and windows – most competitor log cabins use narrow doors which can prove difficult for access.
PROCAS LOG CABINS feature key-lockable opening windows and all doors and windows are professionally draft sealed – beware of log cabins with cheap, ill-fitting doors and windows that cannot be properly secured and are susceptible to the weather.
PROCAS LOG CABINS feature high quality glazing which is factory silicone and internally beaded to all doors and windows – beware of log cabins that feature lesser quality materials and provide no window beading.
PROCAS LOG CABINS feature a generous all round roof overhang which protects the building from severe conditions – beware of log cabins with little or no roof overhanging leaving them vulnerable to the wind and rain.

It is essential that our log cabins are assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied on a firm and level base constructed from a suitably durable material. Our log cabins should also be treated as soon as is practical after assembly and then annually thereafter with an appropriate high-quality preservative.

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