Garage and Workshops

Garage and Workshops: As well as equestrian outbuildings, Hunter Stables are proud producers of wooden garages and workshops.

Whether you need somewhere to store your tools, a workshed for completing odd jobs, or you’re after a safe place for your car, our bespoke wooden garages are a fantastic option.

Crafted from the finest quality timber, our garages and workshops can be designed and constructed according to your exact specifications. 

Why Choose Our Garage and Workshops

Classic brick-built garages suit many homes, but a wooden garage is a versatile, aesthetic and extremely functional alternative – and they are a lot less hassle to build and set up. Timber buildings are far easier to install and provide a safe space to store your car or tools. Timber buildings make a smart addition to any property and can be used year-round as a workshop or garage. Perhaps most importantly, our timber buildings are both long-lasting and affordable. 

Bespoke Wooden Garages

We tailor our timber garages and workshops to our customer’s individual requirements. While some customers simply require a small workshop at the bottom of their garden, others might need a little more room – perhaps space to store one or multiple cars. 

We will do our best to accommodate your individual needs and design your garage or workshop according to your specifications. We are also on hand to offer help and advice when needed.

What are our Garages Made From?

Our focus is on quality, longevity and affordability, and the timber used to make our garages reflects this. Our garages are made from 16mm (finish 12mm) 5th-grade Scandinavian Redwood. This timber is perfect for internal joinery, cladding and construction, making it our first choice of material for wooden outbuildings. 

All the timber used is pressure treated to extend its lifespan, and you can be sure your garage will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.  


Apex Timber Garage and Workshops

Apex roofs consist of 2 sloping roofs that meet in the middle. These are a hugely popular design and are ideal for larger garages and workshops. They offer more interior space than pent roofs, and allow snow and rain to fall off with ease. Apex roofs are perfect if you have more space on your property. 

Pent Roof Timber Garage and Workshops

Our pent roof garages are loved for their compact, neat and space saving design that looks great tucked next to your house or at the bottom of a garden. Pent roof garages consist of just one single sloping roof, which although giving them slightly less space inside, makes the exterior seem more compact. Pent roof garages or workshops are ideal for gardens or areas near overhanging branches. Like apex garages, snow and rain will easily fall off the roof. 

Are our Garages Waterproof? 

Our timber workshops and garages are very resistant to the elements, but we do recommend using a weather-proofing topcoat or base layer. This will give you extra assurance and long-lasting protection against wind and rain. 

What Size are our Garages? 

All our customers have different preferences and needs, they can be as large or as small as you like. While some might want space for a simple workbench and a few shelves for storing tools, others require space for multiple cars or would like a combination of both a garage and workshop. 

Hunter Stables is flexible when it comes to both the shape and layout that you require. Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Hunter Stables has the experience and knowledge to create your perfect timber outbuilding. We are more than happy to give advice when needed and can guide you through any number of design options until you find one you are happy with.

If you’d like a quote or require more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 0117 9382202.


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