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Mobile Field Shelters

What are mobile field shelters?

Mobile Field Shelters whether it’s a freezing cold winter or a boiling hot summer, having shelter is a valuable addition to your horse’s field. Our robust shelter offers a range of benefits for both you and your and we’re firm believers that these are something every horse owner should have on their list.

Hunter Stables provides affordable mobile shelters and stables that are designed for horses and livestock. They vary enormously in size, with some big enough for multiple horses, while others are built for just one. Horse field shelter is extremely useful for horse owners, as not only can they act as a shelter when horses are out in the field, they can also be moved around the field when needed.

Whether you are renting a paddock, waiting for planning permission to build a permanent stable, or need something quick and easy to use as an isolation box, a shelter or mobile stable is a reliable and cost-effective solution – and the horses love them too!

All you need to know about animal shelters


High Quality Timber

When it comes to stable and shelter construction, there’s a range of decisions to be made. With the design, size, shape and cost all needing careful consideration, it can be hard to know where to begin – and that’s without even thinking about the material!

In our (completely unbiased) opinion, there’s no construction material more reliable than the high quality timber used. We use 16mm 5th-grade Scandinavian Redwood pressure treated timber and, if our happy customers are anything to go by, it’s proving to be quite popular! Our heavy-duty timber is durable, weatherproof and cost-effective – and it looks pretty good too.

Our Mobile Field Shelters

We have a wide range of field shelters for sale available in a range of sizes to suit the requirements of our clients. Field shelters are generally built to accommodate large horses. The British Horse Society recommends a shelter of 12 x 12 for an average size horse. You may want to add a couple of extra feet onto this size if your horse is much bigger.

A very popular addon to a shelter is a tack room so you have everything at hand.

Pent Roof Shelter

The pent roof is slightly different but still very popular which consists of just one single slope.

This gives them slightly less space inside, but they are ideal if your shelter is going to be near overhanging branches, and they are nice to look at. Both apex and pent roofs allow rain and snow to fall directly off the roof.

If a shelter is not for you then take a look at our stable block

Our buildings have black Anti Con Plastisol Roofing sheets, however, you can upgrade to onduline roofing.

Apex Shelter

An apex roof is a roof with two slopes that meet in the middle. Apex roofs will give ample space in the middle, and offer more traditional appearance.

An Apex roof has more headroom for the taller horse.

Whichever you choose, rest assured they will be of top quality!


It’s not just horses who need a little respite from the British weather! Our shelters are also perfect for alpacas and llamas. While alpacas prefer open pastures to a field shelter, they will take to shelters and barns in the worst weather. Alpaca shelters are perfect for the wet and windy winters, as well as hot summers where they provide ample shade.

The height of our shelters make them perfect for taller alpacas, and our field shelters provide an easy way to separate the animals for tasks such as shearing or injections. Alpacas appreciate field shelters when the weather is at its worst.

For alpacas and llamas, we recommend shelter dimensions of 7.2m x 3.6m or 10.9m x 3.6m. Larger shelters should have 2 exit points to stop the alpacas from becoming trapped in.



Adding skids to your field shelter means it can be moved around your field with ease. This is invaluable when it comes to saving certain patches of grass, or helping your horse shelter from the elements.

If you need to cut down your horse’s paddock, the field shelter can be easily moved to their new section of the field. Likewise, you can rotate the shelter in order to provide more cover from strong winds or heavy rain.

All of our buildings are sold without skids, but we can provide them as an extra addon.

The maximum length building that you can add skids is 36ft, anything above this size would be too heavy to tow.

Galvanised or Timber Skids

We offer two types of skids that can be used.

Our timber skids are made from quality pressure treated wood, using 4*4 timber. These are cheaper than galvanised skids and are a great option.

Galvanised steel skids framed are more expensive but make towing easier. The skids come with a towing eye on both ends which allow you to tow your building from one paddock to another with ease. Our galvanised skids are 4*2 box section.

Our buildings are not priced with skids but they are an extremely popular add on. It is much easier to tow your shelter when the ground is hard, although we recommend removing any extras such as kickboards or gates to help lighten the load.

Our Buildings

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