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Mobile stables are portable stables that can be moved from paddock to paddock. They are the perfect option if you are waiting for planning permission, renting a paddock or need somewhere to use as an isolation box but don’t have the space for permanent stables.

Mobile stables differ from mobile field shelters because they are not specifically designed to be kept in the field.

Our top quality stable blocks have bottom stable doors and each stable is designed for just one horse, although more than one can be connected in a row. 

What are the Benefits of Having Mobile Stables?

Because they have skids attached to the base and can be moved around, they usually do not require planning permission. This will reduce the cost of your animal stables, and save you both time and hassle. While planning permission is not required, we do still recommend checking with your local council – as different areas will have different regulations.

Our buildings are extremely flexible and can easily be moved from place to place. While field shelters allow horses to come and go as they please, having a stable means you can keep a horse in – perhaps overnight or during the day if you need to restrict their grazing.

Stables can also be used as isolation boxes, and are extremely useful when it comes to vet or dentist visits. If one horse needs to be kept in while others are in the field, the building can easily be moved to where the isolated horse is able to see the other horses.

There are huge benefits to having a permanent block but can be unaffordable for many horse owners, and the hassle of foundations and planning permission is enough to put many owners off.

We offer a cost-effective, affordable price and reliable solution, meaning you can reap all the benefits that come from having a stable for your horse, without the extra cost.

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Apex or Pent Roof

Just like our mobile field shelters, our mobile stables have either Apex or Pent roofs. Apex roofs have two slopes that meet in the middle. They provide ample space for the horse in their stable. Pent roofs on the other hand, have just one single sloping roof. While this means they have slightly less room inside, they are perfect if you have field stables that are situated under overhanging branches.

Our standard roofing material is Anthracite Anti Con Plastisol, but we can also create your roof from onduline roof.

L Shape Stables

The L shape stable is only made with the Apex roof.

Add Ons For Your Stables

Stable Partitions

All our stables come with a full-height partition as standard, but we also offer 4ft partitions. This allows you to put talk grills between the stables.

Talk grills

If you opt for a 4ft partition, talk grills can be placed on top. Our talk grills are extremely long-lasting and tough, and allow the horses to see each other while they are in their separate stables. Horses are herd animals, and if your horses will be spending a lot of time in their stables, talk grills are an option well worth considering.

Kickboards: PLY or OSB

We are also able to equip our mobile stables with kickboards. These will reinforce the walls, reducing the likelihood of your horse damaging your stable by kicking it. The boards can also offer protection for your horse should he kick it while rolling.

Our kickboards are made from either ply or OSB. Both these materials are excellent quality and can withstand powerful kicks from any size of horse.

Stable Top Doors

Stable top doors can be added to your order and although not often used while the horse is inside, there are benefits to having this feature. If you live in an area with more extreme weather, a top door can keep the inside of the stable sheltered. They can also be closed over when the stable is not in use during very bad weather.

Skylights For Your Stable

Having skylights in your stable will provide a light airy feel.  

Solar Lighting

Most of us are not fortunate to have the means of electricity in our fields, so a fantastic solution is to have lighting in the stables.  Our Solar Mate Range provide lighting in our equestrian buildings and if you have an outdoor arena, we have the perfect solution

Horse Stables for Sale

We have a range of high quality and custom-made horse stables for sale, both temporary and permanent. Whether you are after an individual timber stable for the field or an entire stable block we are sure our shop is well equipped with a variety of buildings if you don’t see something that you like just contact us and we will help you with your request,

Hunter Stables has the experience and knowledge to create your stables according to your specifications.

Prevention of Stable Being Blown Over

Our stables are robust enough to withstand most of what the British weather throws at them.  However, it is worth putting a measure in place to help prevent such a disaster happening.

We provide ground anchors, whilst not guaranteed they are certainly worth a consideration

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