L Shape Stables

L shape stables are exactly as it sounds, a block of stables in the shape of an L! This style of stable design is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Not only is it neat, compact and allows you to stable your horses in one corner of the paddock, it’s also extremely versatile.

We can provide this style of timber outbuildings in a range of sizes and to accommodate any number of horses.


What are the Benefits

L Shape Stables are neat, compact and can be slotted into the corner of a paddock or field easily. They are one of the most popular stable designs for this very reason and have a fantastic look that you don’t get from other styles of outbuilding.

If your stable is to accommodate a large number of horses, you may find that the horses are happier. Horses are herd animals and they like to be able to see others.

With this design of stables, the L Shape Stables allows horses to look across at their friends, which may keep horses on box rest or who are in for long periods of time more engaged and entertained.

Wooden outbuildings are also very weather resistant, helping to shield the horses from the wind while they are in their stables.

It is easy to incorporate larger boxes into the corner of this style of timber stables. While standard stable sizes are 12ft x 12ft (approx external measurements), the corner stable is 18ft which makes it perfect for larger horses or for use as a foaling box.

Many people also choose to incorporate a tack room or storage room into their stable block – and we can easily provide this as opposed to an extra box.

Finally, they provide a compact working area, with everything stored within easy distance. They also have great weather protection, and with the back of one side facing the oncoming wind, you’ll find the stable area a sheltered and pleasant space.

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