Stable and Shelter Combinations


Stable and Shelter Combination: If you’re struggling to choose between a stable or shelter, why not opt for one of our combination buildings. These equestrian outbuildings are the best of both worlds, combining a shelter, stable and any other room you need into a secure area under one roof.

What Combination Buildings?

Combination field shelters are part stable and part shelter and are becoming hugely popular all over the UK. They are available in a range of sizes and can be comprised of any number of stables, with other add ons available such as a tack room, groom’s room or hay storage.


What are the benefits of a combination stable and shelter?

Space Saving

The most obvious benefit is that combination buildings save ample room in the yard. They are neat, compact and can be slotted into a paddock or field easily. As opposed to rows and rows of stables with a separate tack room, hay storage and shelter, a combination building puts everything under one roof – meaning all your gear is within easy reach.


Having everything under one roof is extremely convenient, and means that during heavy rain you can do everything you need without getting soaked! Many of our customers also opt for a gated undercover area between the stables. This area can be used for grooming, tacking up or allowing your horse some space to stretch their legs while you muck out their stable.


Shelter for the Horses

A mobile field shelter is a must-have for your horse. While most horses are pretty resilient to rain and wind, it’s always best to give them the option to go under shelter, and our field shelters will keep your horses warm and dry when the bad weather hits. Likewise, extra hot days can bring the flies out, and a field shelter provides a shady spot for them to cool off.

Our combination buildings can be put in your paddock or yard, allowing horses to stand under the shelter whenever they like, and for you to bring them into the stable for farrier visits, vet visits or grooming.


Our combination buildings are very versatile, providing a space for you to do everything you need with your horse under one roof. If one horse is on box rest, they can stay near the other horses in the paddock, and the stables also provide a safe area for farrier and vet visits.

Owners who keep their horses out full time tend to use the stable in emergencies but allow their horses to roam freely in and out of the attached field shelter.

What are our combination stables and shelters made from?

Just like our mobile shelters and mobile stables, our combination buildings are made from excellent quality timber. This wood is long-lasting and great to look at; your combination building will be an attractive addition to your field – not an eyesore!

The wood used is 16mm (finish 12mm) 5th-grade Scandinavian Redwood. This is renowned for its quality thanks to the optimum conditions used in producing it – including climate, soil and elevation. The sapwood is a creamy-white to yellow, while the heartwood is reddish-brown.

Pent Roof Combination Shelters

We are proud to offer a choice of roofs when it comes to your combination buildings. Our pent roof combination buildings have just one sloping roof. This gives them a little less internal space, but they are ideal if your shelter and the stable combination is underneath overhanging trees or you lack surrounding space.

Apex Roof Combination Shelters

Apex roof combination shelters have much more internal space, but they do take up more room externally. This type of roof is best for larger horses, as they’ll have more vertical space inside. Apex roofs are aesthetically pleasing and won’t create an eyesore in your yard – but ensure you have enough clearance under trees and branches to fit it in!

Why Choose our Shelters?

Our combination of equestrian buildings are fantastic quality and exceptional value for money. While our mobile field shelters, stables and other equestrian buildings are very affordable, combining the 3 offers even better value for money.

We are fully flexible when it comes to the design and specifics of your equestrian buildings. We listen to feedback and upgrade our designs regularly, while also happily creating bespoke buildings to suit individual requirements. All our buildings are attractive additions to any yard – made in aesthetically pleasing colours. From the number of windows to the partitions used inside, you have full control when it comes to the specifics of your building.

All our equestrian buildings come with a 15 year guarantee and are built for longevity. From the wood we use, to the more intricate fastenings, our buildings are designed to stand the test of time. Our tack rooms, stables and hay storage areas are extremely secure so you can sleep easy knowing that your gear, as well as your horse, is safe.

Are our Stables and Shelters Waterproof?

Our combination stables and shelters are very resistant to harsh weather, but using a waterproofing topcoat or base layer will protect your shelter during seriously heavy rain.

How big do your shelters and stables need to be?

We are fully flexible with the sizes of our combination buildings, but there are official recommendations on the sizes of stables and shelters to keep your horse as happy and comfortable as possible.

A standard stable for horses is 12ft x 12ft. This size provides ample room for the horse to lie down, turn around and roll with little risk of injury. While you may want a larger stable if you have a very big horse, we would not recommend a stable smaller than 12ft x 12ft.

Foaling boxes need to be much larger, and they should have a window or door that allows you to see every area. Foaling boxes should be 14ft x 14ft and we are more than happy to integrate a foaling box into your combination building.

Finally, there is a shelter. Standalone shelters for just one horse should be 12ft x 12ft, but for each additional animal, we recommend adding another 5ft. It’s essential that the entrance is large enough for 2 horses to pass through to ensure one doesn’t get cornered and risk injury.

Bespoke Combination Buildings

We are more than happy to design and build a combination building that suits your specific requirements. Whether you have 1 horse or 10, Hunter Stables are fully flexible, experienced and we will do everything we can to accommodate your individual needs.

Add Ons For Your  Building

Tack Room

We can design our stable and shelter combination buildings with a tack room as an optional extra. This is a secure room for storing tack and other bits, giving you the convenience of having everything under one roof. We are fully flexible with sizes of tack rooms, so whether you have 1 horse or 10 horses, we can provide a space with ample room for all your gear.

Hay Storage

A hay storage area needs to be dry, cool, secure and sheltered from the elements. Our hay storage areas connect to the stables and shelters, giving you ample room to store your hay under the same roof as the rest of your things – plus you have to transport hay to the stable across the yard in gale force wind! Our hay storage areas are fully secure – meaning there’s no chance of a curious horse finding their way in!

Planning Permission

As our combination shelters and stables aren’t on skids, you will need planning permission to have them installed. If you’re unable to get planning permission for an equestrian outbuilding, have a look at our standalone mobile stables and shelters. As these can be moved around the paddock or yard, they don’t usually require planning permission – although we do recommend double-checking with the council in your area.

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