U Shape Stables

U shape stables have become an extremely popular choice of the equestrian building in recent years, thanks to the huge range of benefits they offer. 

At Hunter Stables, we are proud to design, construct and deliver U shape stable blocks in almost any size to suit any number of horses. Like all our equestrian outbuildings, our U shaped stable blocks are fantastic quality, long-lasting and affordable. Visually, they’re an attractive addition to any yard, and you can choose from any of our standard designs as well as our bespoke service for more specific requirements. 


What are the Benefits of U Shape Stables? 

U shape stable blocks are a popular equestrian building for a range of reasons; especially at busy livery yards. The layout provides a compact and neat working area that offers protection against strong winds and horizontal rain. They can be constructed with built-in tack rooms and feed rooms, meaning you’ll spend less time moving between tasks. Instead, everything is located in one compact area. 

Many people choose to fence off the open part of their U shaped stable to allow the horses to roam in and out of their boxes as they please. Ideal for horses who like a small fenced off area as opposed to box rest, this allows your horse to lie in their cosy stable when the weather is bad and roam outside when they like. The perfect happy medium between box rest and full turnout. 

U shape stables can be built with just a couple of stables and a feed room, up to any number of boxes! There is no limit and if you have lots of horses, the U shape can make managing horses and staff far easier, especially at busy yards where efficiency is key. 

Finally, with a linear stable block, the horses only have one or two horses next door for company. U shaped stables provide a social atmosphere for the horses, as they can look out and see neighbours and activities in almost every direction. This is ideal for horses who are stabled a lot of the time, and can stop them from getting bored. 

What are our U Shape Stables Made from? 

Like all our equestrian outbuildings, our stables are made from 16mm (finish 12mm) 5th-grade Scandinavian Redwood. This makes them aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally long lasting. The carefully monitored climate, soil and elevation ensures the wood stands the test of time, and we will never settle for anything less.

Our wood is pressure treated for further protection against insects, termites and fungal decay. The exterior of our buildings is a creamy-white to yellow which gives it an aesthetic look in any yard. 

Why Choose our U Shape Stables? 

Our customers love our stables for their high quality, value for money and durability. All our stable blocks and shelters come with a 15 year guarantee as standard. 

We are on hand throughout the entire process to guide and assist you where necessary. We will always do our best to accommodate your individual needs when it comes to design, size and time frame, and we are proud to offer not just our standard designs but a bespoke service so you can have your perfect stable block designed and delivered with minimal stress on your part.

Each of our U shaped blocks is built with durability and quality in mind. They are aesthetically pleasing and, perhaps most importantly, very affordable.

Are our Stables Waterproof? 

While our U shaped stable blocks are very resistant to the elements, we always recommend using a weather-proofing topcoat or base layer for extra assurance and long-lasting protection. 

What Size are our U Shape Stables? 

Our U shape stable blocks can be as large or as small as you like, with just one or two stables plus a tack room to blocks with enough space for a large number of horses, perfect for busy livery yards. 

In terms of stable size, we are very flexible. Most horses are happy and comfortable in a stable of 12ft x 12ft, but bigger horses might want a larger box. Much smaller horses can be perfectly happy in something smaller too, and we’re also happy to provide foaling boxes inside your U shaped block. Simply get in touch with your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate and offer advice when needed. 

Type of Roof

We have one style roof for the U Shape and that is Apex.  Apex has two slopes that meet in the middle. This will make the interior seem more spacious and is great for horses on box rest as they’ll feel as though they have more room. 

Additional Features

We also provide a huge range of additional features and add ons. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your requirements. 

While the cost of our stable block includes full height partitions, we can also provide 4ft partitions to allow you to put grills in between the stables. Our talk grills are long lasting and durable, and ideal for horses who spend a lot of time in their stables. 

Kickboards are an extra reinforcement that we recommend every stable block has. The boards can offer protection for your horse if they kick it while rolling, as well as reducing the likelihood of your horse damaging the stable. We have two materials available for our kickboards – ply or OSB. 

Top doors will keep the inside of the stable sheltered and have a lovely traditional look. They can be closed over when the stable is not in use during bad weather. 

Skylights are a great option for keeping the stables bright and airy, and they can make your stable appear bigger. In the winter months, you’ll need all the help you can get light-wise, and skylights can make mucking out and grooming a lot easier. 

Finally, we can construct your U shape stable block with any number of additional rooms for tack, hay, feed or even a groom’s area. This gives you the convenience of having everything under one roof. We are fully flexible with the size of our extra rooms, so whether you’ve got one horse or an entire livery yard, we can provide rooms with ample space for all your tack, feed, rugs and hay.

U Shape Stables for Sale

Our bespoke, U shape stables are high quality, both designed and constructed according to our customer’s exact requirements. Whether you’re after a small block for just a couple of horses, or you need an entire livery yard constructed, Hunter Stables have the experience and knowledge to create your stable block of dreams. We are happy to give advice when needed, and can guide you through any number of options to help you choose the best building for you. 

If you would like a quote or need a little more information about our U shape stables or any of our other timber outbuildings, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.