Innovative lighting solutions for mains-free spaces

The SolarMate product range provides mains equivalent for interior and exterior spaces where no grid power exists. Using well-proven, state-of-the-art solar technology, these easy-to-fit kids and lights are designed to give exceptional performance even during a British winter.

Solar Hub 16

Solar Hub 16 is complete lighting and power kit in a box!

The all-new Solar Hub lighting kits provide easy to fit lighting and power for stables workshops, sheds, garages – in fact anywhere there is no grid connection.

Using a high-efficiency Solar panel, an advanced lithium battery hub and a super bright 300 lumen led Strip/bulb the Solar Hub 16 kit is enough to illuminate a workshop or stable block of 4m x 4m.

Exempt from Part P of the Building regulations, Solar Hub can be easily and safely installed by anyone.

Totally plug and play, the complete system takes no longer than a few minutes to set up and install with no special wiring knowledge or tools needed.

The Solar Hubs solar panel will collect enough energy during the course of the day (even in Britain) to power its bulb for between 2 and 7 hours every day of the year (2 hours in the winter – 7 hours for the rest for the year based on the 3w LED bulb).

Solar Hubs main battery unit has a 2-year warranty and the included solar panel has a 10-year warranty so will easily pay back its investment many times.

Solar Hub 16 will illuminate a 16square meter area. Supplied with a 5watt crystalline solar panel, roof/wall fixing kit, 12volt energy saving LED bulb and all the cables needed.

Takes around 10 minutes to install.

No special tools needed.

Includes 2 x USB outputs that are ideal for charging your phone etc.

Each system is fully expandable so if you require lighter you simply add an expansion pack (SOLD SEPARATELY)

Kit Options:- Single 3w LED Bulb (300Lm) Single 3w LED Strip (300Lm) Single 9w LED Bulb (900Lm) Extra 15 Single 15w LED Bulb (1500Lm) Extra 25

Please note if selecting the 9w or 15w LED bulbs options your run time on the systems will be reduced due to the extra power these lights will use.

Please select the correct option for you before clicking the Add to basket button.

Box Contains

1 x STP005 – 5wp solar panel

1 x 2.5m Cable (from panel to Hub)

1 x 5m cable (Hub to LED strip)

1 x 3w LED Strip (unless another option has been selected).

1 x ES bulb holder (Only if LED Bulb has been selected).

1 x Solar Panel Mount 6 x Cable clips 6 x screws

1 x Instruction Sheet


Solar-Hub Exapansion Pack 16 – £50.00

SolarHub 16 kit can be expanded
• Expansion kits include a solar panel that can be daisy chained to the original panel in and the LED strip/s daisy chained to the LED/s

• SolarHub 16 can be expanded eleven times

The new Solar Hub provides quick, easy fit lighting and power to remote buildings.

All parts just plug together in a moment and its ready to use.

SolarHub 16 contains a single LED strip (or LED bulb) giving an impressive 300 lumen brightness which is enough to illuminate a 4m x 4m room.

If more light is needed each SolarHub kit can be expanded.

Both SolarHub Expansion kits include a solar panel that can be daisy chained to the original panel in and the LED strip/s daisy chained to the LED/s. SolarHub 16 can be expanded eleven times.


• 5Wp Solar Panel with interlinking cable
• Solar panel wall/roof bracket and fixings
• 1 x 300 Lumen LED strip or LED bulb with fixings
• 1 x 2.5m cable from strip to strip
• Cable fixings
• User manual

Solar Hub 64

If you need more lighting for a larger building then the Solar Hub 64 will be a better option for you.

More information available here

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