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Stable Design and Features – What to Consider

Stable Design and Features: Any horse owner will know the importance of a stable. Whether it’s for emergency vet visits, a short period of time on box rest or you simply can’t bear the thought of your horse being out in a snowstorm, even the hardiest of horses can benefit from a warm and cosy stable every now and again.

But installing a new stable or entire stable block feels like a big step, and there’s a lot to consider design-wise. What suits one horse, may not work for another, and while most horses prefer being out in the field, the right stable will have your horse just as comfortable inside as they are in the great outdoors. 

Why Stable Design Matters

At Hunter Stables, we design and produce a huge range of stables and stable blocks, from American barns to U shape stables and mobile boxes. It’s essential that your stable is comfortable for your horse and convenient for those using and working on the yard. American barns keep everything under one comfortable roof, while U shape stables look very pretty and let horses who are prone to boredom look across at their friends. Mobile stables are perfect if you have just one or two horses, and they can easily be relocated if necessary. 

So choosing the right design of the stable block is important, as well as the interior and features of the stable itself. We produce and install virtually any type of timber equestrian building, adapting our designs to suit your specific requirements if needed. 

Other Stable Designs


According to BHS recommendations, horses are most comfortable in a stable that’s 12ftx12ft. For ponies, the recommended size is 10ftx10ft. These sizes allow enough room for your horse to turn around, lie down and roll comfortably.

However, don’t forget to take into account the height, as a stable with too low a ceiling will be uncomfortable for larger horses. The ceiling should be at least 9-11ft high, with a minimum of 3ft clearance for the roof. Don’t forget to take into account light fixtures, beams and thick bedding, as well as rubber mats which can raise the floor of the stable.

Remember that these sizes are just a guideline, and if your horse is much bigger than average, they will almost certainly prefer a larger stable. Foaling boxes should also be larger in size. Please contact us if you need any help or advice.



Combination stables and Shelters

This is our best selling stable, shelter combination equestrian building.

This combination is made up of two 12×12 stable blocks with a covered shelter in the middle.

This block has a variety of uses.  You can use the shelter for a horse, add a gate or simply use to store hay.



The doors should be secure, durable and high quality.

We use the same timber for the doors as we do the rest of our stables. This timber is fantastic quality and stands the test of time.

When it comes to your stable doors, ensure you have both top and bottom latches.

Experienced escape artists can usually undo the top latch with their mouths!

The latch should be very easy for you to undo in case of an emergency, but ideally not so easy for the horse!


How We Can Help

Our team at Hunter Stables have the experience and knowledge to design and install your stable block according to your exact requirements. All our stables are made to order and built by hand. Whether you wish to slightly adjust the dimensions of our standard stable designs, add extra windows or have your stable block complete with a built-in tack room, our friendly team are on hand to help and advise every step of the way. 


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