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Innovative lighting solutions for mains-free spaces

The SolarMate product range provides mains equivalent for interior and exterior spaces where no grid power exists. Using well-proven, state-of-the-art solar technology, these easy-to-fit kids and lights are designed to give exceptional performance even during a British winter.

About SolarMate


A true revolution in solar garden light performance! The SolarMate range provides four main benefits:


Long Runtimes

Beauty in design

Long term warranty


This unique range features groundbreaking technology to deliver performance only previously possible with mains connected garden lighting.

By using brighter bulbs and the award-winning Nichia Super LED, all SolarMate lights generate incredible levels of brightness whilst still consuming tiny amounts of energy.

Some of the range now incorporates SmartTimeTM technologies. This is an ingenious auto timer that switches the light on at dusk and off after 6 hours of operation, so ensuring consistent performance night after night.



All SolarMate lights have been designed to complement a wide style of gardens, whether contemporary or traditional. Each light is made from marine grade stainless steel (or coated aluminium for the Murano) and all have a glass lens for optical clarity and beauty. The Murano glass globes are additionally hand blown and individually decorated.

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