Field Shelters

Field shelters are an optional alternative to mobile field shelters.

The static field shelter is sold without skids, you can add these on the shelter if you wish to do so, hence, this will make the build mobile.

These open fronted static buildings can be situated on concrete or you can have your field shelter constructed directly on the field.

Your field will need to be reasonably level and have good access for delivery.

Why Choose a Static Field Shelter?

As long as you have planning permission in place a static field shelter can be more cost-effective than a mobile field shelter.

Our shelters start from 12’x12′ but offer a wide range of different sizes.

Our field shelter has been used for many projects – including carports and workshops.

With a vast range of options – you are able to customise a  Stable, Static Field Shelter to suit your requirements.


Static Shelter


• 3×2 CLS framework
• 4×2 C24 roof purlins
• 16mm shiplap cladding (finishes 12mm)
• Black plastisol coated steel roofing lined
with ant con lining OR onduline
• Metal galvanised cover strips on all corners
• Height: 8′ front, 7′ Back
• 2′ Overhang
• 8′ opening
• Bolting to concrete

Timber Stables and Shelters: What are the Benefits? 

When it comes to stable and shelter construction, there’s a range of decisions to be made. With the design, size, shape and cost all needing careful consideration, it can be hard to know where to begin – and that’s without even thinking about the material! 

In our (completely unbiased) opinion, there’s no construction material more reliable than timber. We use 16mm 5th-grade Scandinavian Redwood pressure treated timber and, if our happy customers are anything to go by, it’s proving to be quite popular! Our timber is durable, weatherproof and cost-effective – and it looks pretty good too.

Tempted by timber? Here are some more benefits of this fantastic material.

Quick and Easy to Build

Timber stables, shelters and outbuildings are incredibly easy to build – whether you opt to do it yourself or get someone out to help. In fact, construction time can be up to 30% faster with timber than it is with other materials. 

This means if you’ve got a new horse arriving last minute, or you need a field shelter assembled in time for next week’s rainstorm, you’ve got a good chance of getting it done and ready, with time to spare! 

The construction of timber stables and shelters is also very rarely weather dependent, meaning you can get your stables and shelters set up at any time of year. 

More Affordable

Timber stables and buildings are a lot more affordable because of the time saved both in delivery and assembly. You’ll save money on labour, and timber buildings are much cheaper than brick or concrete. Timber is also lightweight, which means you’ll need less in the way of foundations, plus there’s often no need for planning permission – saving you cash before you’ve even started. 

Environmentally Friendly

Using wood as a building material is sustainable and eco-friendly. The more people who choose wood, the less concrete, brick and steel will be produced. These materials use a lot of energy in production and are not renewable. So, if you’re looking to ease your global-warming guilt, build your stables from wood!


Of course, the comfort of your horse should be top of your list. Timber offers great ventilation year-round. Stables will stay warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Plus, they have great soundproofing which is ideal if you have a sensitive horse who might be spooked by sudden noises outside. We’re looking at you, Bonfire Night.


At Hunter Stables, we pride ourselves on the durability of our outbuildings, and all our stables and outbuildings are specifically designed to be long-lasting. With the Great British Winter starting to rear its ugly head around this time of year, a durable and sturdy building is essential. Ours is designed for all-weather and can withstand snow, heavy rain and strong winds – while keeping your horse warm and cosy inside. 

Design Versatility

When it comes to design, there are no certain criteria that must be met, and we allow our customer’s total flexibility over the design of their shelters and stables. Whether you’re after extra large foaling boxes or a shelter for multiple horses to wander in and out of, our timber shelters and stables can be built in almost any style you can think of. 

And it’s not just the size of the building that can be adjusted. We can add windows, lights, top doors and more to our stables and shelters. While this increases the cost of the building, it adds very little when it comes to labour – so you can still have your building installed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

No Need for Planning Permission

One of our most popular add ons is galvanised or timber skids. These can be added to any timber field shelter or stable to make it mobile. Provided you move the shelter or stable every 28 days, this negates the need for planning permission – something we all know can cause quite a headache! Not having to get planning permission is invaluable when it comes to the stress it saves, but it can also save you cash on consultants, advice and applications. 

Location Versatility

Finally, timber stables are very easy to manoeuvre using skids. As already mentioned, this means you don’t need planning permission, but it also allows you to easily move your shelter to another area of the field, or readjust the positioning of your stable block. 

They Look Good

Finally, the timber buildings look good! One of the most aesthetically pleasing building materials around, timber shelters and stables can be a stylish addition to any yard – far from an eyesore as is the case with many outbuildings. Our Scandinavian Redwood has a lovely natural finish that looks great on any yard. 

Stable Lighting

No Electricity,  No Mains

Do not worry we have you covered

Check out our variety of solar lighting.

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