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What are American Barns?

American barns are large buildings designed with stables inside for a number of horses. They usually include everything you would need for the yard, including a tack room, feed room, stables, and toilets or kitchens for the grooms.

American barn stables are usually arranged around one central passageway and are becoming increasingly popular across the UK thanks to their ease of installation and use. They are perfect for larger yards with lots of horses, but equally can be built to accommodate just a few. Large sliding doors at each end are commonplace, and allow air to move freely through the barn.

Our American barns can be empty for you to use as you wish, or we can provide loose boxes, hay storage, and tack rooms.

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Apex Roof American Barn View Range
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American Barn Pros and Cons

American barn pros are practically limitless. While the typical row upon row of stables suits some yards and looks very smart, more nervous horses often prefer American stables. This is because they can see other horses next to them and across for them, keeping horses who are in for extended periods of time or on box rest more entertained and engaged.


Our American barn stables are built with top quality timber, which will keep the barn cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is no danger of horizontal rain pouring into your horse’s stable, and you can be sure that no matter the weather, your American barn will be dry and well-ventilated. There are no wet and slippery passages to lead your horse across after a rainstorm, and grooms will appreciate a warm and dry area to work with – plus there’s unlikely to be hay blown all across the yard!


Another advantage of an American barn is their convenience. Grooms and yard owners can be content in the knowledge that everything is neatly under one roof. We provide American barns with hay storage, tack rooms, and stables, meaning there’s no need to head outside when the weather is bad. Enjoy the efficiency of the yard where everything is tucked away in the same place.


American barn cons are few and far between, however, some people opt for a traditional stable block instead as these can be built with skids. This means that the stables can be moved around and even put in the field if necessary. While barns are not built to be moved, the lack of skids means you will need planning permission for them. Although this is usually not too much of an issue, it is an extra cost and many people opt for Mobile Stables to save themselves the time and money.  


American style barns are thought of as being very expensive. While they are certainly costly, American barns are an investment and extremely long lasting. Once you know your requirements, we can provide a quote which will be all you need to pay. When it comes to American style barns, there will be very little in the way of ongoing costs.


What are our American Barns made from?

Our American barns are made from top quality timber. We use 16mm (finish 12mm) 5th-grade Scandinavian Redwood to build our equestrian barns, and pride ourselves on their durability and stunning look. The wood we use is fantastic quality and carefully monitored to ensure the climate, soil and elevation are optimum.


All of our wood is pressure treated which makes it extra resilient. This process protects the barn from termites, insects and fungal decay.


Why Choose our American Barns?

Hunter Stables pride themselves on exceptional quality, durability, and top class service. All our Equestrian Buildings are exceptional value for money, and we interact personally with each customer to help advise and assist with whatever you need. Our American style barns come with a 15-year guarantee as standard.


We custom make our American barns according to the needs of our customers. Whether you are after a large, empty  barn to use as an indoor arena during the winter, or an American barn kitted out with stables, tack rooms and hay storage areas, we have the expertise and materials to meet your exact requirements.


Finally, our American barns look great. Purchasing something so big, you will need it to look good on the yard! Our wood is excellent quality, attractive colour and extremely long-lasting. They are built with safety and aesthetics in mind; our wooden barns have a solid structure and extremely sturdy foundations, as well as neat and tidy design.


Are Our American Barns Waterproof?

Our style barns withstand the worst of the Great British weather exceptionally well, however, there are precautions you can take to ensure it stays in excellent condition for years to come. We recommend waterproofing your American barn using a weatherproofing top coat or base layer. This will protect your timber barn no matter how hard the rain pours!


Planning Permission

As our American barns are not mobile, they do require planning permission. If you are unable to get planning permission but still want an open barn style feature, you may want to take a look at our mobile shelters. These can also be custom made for a number of horses, and you usually do not need planning permission for them.


What Size Are Our Equestrian Barns?

Our equestrian barns can be as big or small as you like! If you’d like stables built into your barn, the recommended size for each stall is 12ft x 12ft. This provides ample room for most horses, although much larger horses may prefer more space.


Remember that you will also need room in the passageway for safe maneuvering of horses inside the barn. A tack room, grooms’ area or hay storage will also add to the size.


How many Horses can Fit in our Barns?

Our equestrian barns can be built to accommodate virtually any number of horses. We are happy to provide loose boxes and stalls for horses inside the barn. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team with your requirements.


Sliding Doors

As standard our American Barns come with double opening doors, however, we can supply large sliding doors that will help keep the barn warm in the winter and well ventilated in the summer. These doors are fantastic quality, easy to use and almost the same height as the barn itself. This allows air to move freely through the barn to keep the horses (and people!) both cool and comfortable.



Just like our mobile field shelters and stables, our American barns come with 2 styles of the roof – apex or pent. Apex roofs have 2 slopes which meet in the middle. These are most commonly used for American style barns as they provide more vertical space, making the entire area seem bigger.


Other Add Ons

We are happy to build empty American barns, or we can create a barn with loose boxes, hay storage, and tack rooms. We provide a bespoke service to meet the requirements of our clients, and we are also happy to offer advice where necessary.


If you opt for a barn with loose boxes and stables, we can provide all the stabling extras we do for our mobile and permanent stables, including talk grills, 4ft partitions, and kickboards.


American Barns for Sale

We have a range of sizes and designs of American barns for sale. All our American barns are custom made and exceptionally long-lasting. Whether you’re after an equestrian barn designed for just a small number of horses, or a much larger area designed to accommodate an entire livery yard, Hunter Stables has the experience, knowledge, and materials to create your barn according to your specifications. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

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